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Jennifer Radacsi, LMT

Innovative Massage Therapy

42 Summer Street, Suite 308, Pittsfield, MA 01201
Phone: (413) 348-19831

Jennifer incorporates many different modalities into her massages. She works from a base of Swedish massage and includes elements of deep tissue, reflexology, trigger point therapy, myofacial and shiatsu. Based on the clients’ individual needs, she will customize each session to ensure that those needs are met.

Her methods have been shown to aid in healing damaged muscle tissue, reducing muscle soreness and in helping to create an overall increase in muscle relaxation. Jennifer is able to listen to her client’s needs and incorporate which techniques will best help to alleviate muscle stress and increase the body’s ability to realign itself. She has enjoyed continuing her education and today integrates myofascial release from trainings with Howard Rontel. She received training with Kate Peck in advanced soft tissue approach for the neck and has begun to use this practice in helping to alleviate headaches and realign the cervical spine. Jennifer is also a certified pediatric massage therapist. Oncology and palliative massage will be her next educational endeavor in 2014.

Aside from massage, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the beach, reading, running and working with her new puppy Jax. She hopes to train Jax to become part of a comfort therapy team. With Jax, she would eventually like to be working with both children and adults to help relieve some of the pain and stress in their lives brought on by disability, illness, or tragedy. Jennifer is also highly interested in nutrition believing food is our first defense against illness and preventing disease. Most recently Jennifer has begun training for a Tough Mudder Run in 2014.

Jennifer believes that personal health and wellness means being able to do whatever you want at the level you want to do it.