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Janet Mickle, MS, RSCS
LaHo-Chi - Spiritually Based Healing

About Me:

Professionally, I am a Master’s prepared Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. While first in nursing school, as I learned more about subjects such as biology and anatomy and physiology, not only did I become more scientific, I also became more spiritual. I was amazed by the way the human body worked and wanted to understand more.

Working as a medical-surgical nurse, I continuously observed magnificent examples of man’s ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The scientific principles didn’t always explain why some people healed and others did not, or why some people thrived, and yet so many just merely survived. As I obtained licensure to prescribe psychiatric medications, and treated numerous people for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric conditions, it became very clear that our medical interventions take us just so far along the road to optimal wellness. I studied the principles of nutrition, exercise, herbal medicine, and yoga. I explored other principles of energy medicine such as meditation and the chakra system. I received training in Shamanism, which resonates beautifully with my love of nature. I sought to find what truly healed, and as I did so, my spiritual awareness grew. I am grateful for the arrival of the spiritually-based LaHo-Chi healing modality in my life. It has allowed everything I have learned to fall into a beautiful whole that I consider my healing practice today.

Frequently Asked Questions About LaHo-Chi

1. What is LaHo-Chi?

The “La” in LaHo-Chi refers to the Light, Love and Wisdom coming from the Christ frequency, the highest vibrational energy that we can perceive. The “Ho” means the movement of this energy and the “Chi” is the life force . LaHo-Chi is the healing light of the highest frequency, filled with life force, moving with intention to wherever it needs to go to promote optimal well-being.

LaHo-Chi is a form of gentle, hands-on, spiritually-based energy work that is designed to facilitate a deep state of full body relaxation. The effect on the body, the emotions, and the mind can be very beneficial. When one is in a deeply relaxed state we allow the Healer Within to do the work. Natural healing chemicals are released, promoting a balance of many physiological processes including the endocrine, neurological, and immune system. Each cell in the body can benefit, with a resultant sense of well-being and very possibly, physical and emotional healing. When we shift from the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight response, to the parasympathetic system, the rest and restore response, we benefit the body, emotions, and mind. It’s when we’re completely still in body and mind that we often find our greatest insights and reach inner peace. It’s in the peaceful state that creative energies flow best.

2. Who can benefit from LaHo-Chi?

Anyone who wants to feel good can benefit. LHC can assist people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many very healthy, happy people who feel quite complete in their lives, enjoy LHC as a time they set aside for themselves. It’s a time to be still and completely at rest. It is a time to potentially experience a higher level of consciousness where one might gain some new insights or come to a knowing about one’s highest spiritual self. When I receive a LHC session, I typically come with an open mind and heart, and seek that which is the next step for my highest good. Something wonderful always comes forth. If there appears to be a particular physical problem that we would like to heal, we visualize the individual in his/her spiritually connected, perfect state, with every cell in the body filled with light energy of the highest frequency. We intend for all energies in and around the body to be balanced in a way that promotes perfect health and well-being. Two quotes from A Course in Miracles state, “Your worth is beyond perception because it is beyond doubt. Do not perceive yourself in different lights. Know yourself in the One Light where the miracle that is you is perfectly clear.” “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.”

3. What do you mean by energy work?

During LaHo-Chi, we attune to the Life Force Energy that is the basis of what all living things are made of. I have a quote by Libby Barnett that I often read to people when describing LH-C and Life Force Energy. “An invisible but palpable life-force energy infuses and permeates all life forms. The energy is infinite, limitless and pure. Intangible, it constantly bathes us. Inaudible and invisible, it fills us with peace. Odorless and tasteless, it sustains us. Although we swim in it, ingesting it with our every breath, we are often unaware of its existence. Every living thing lives inside of, and is inspirited by, this force field.”

We are all energy vibrating at various frequencies that allow us to appear to take solid form. Nothing happens in the body unless energy flows. The heart doesn’t beat, nothing moves across the cell membrane or within the cells, unless energy flows. To optimize the flow of energy through the body, is to promote health and well-being. Our energy field extends far past our bodies, however. When we’re operating at optimal vibrational frequencies, those around us also benefit. Our energy fields can influence and be influenced by others. Shifting to an energy that is Love- based, versus fear-based, is healing. The model of coherency dynamics states that a person’s well-being and actual state of health is enhanced when his or her mind, emotions, and body are in harmonious relationship with one another, in a coherent energy field. The research shows that the most coherent field is subjectively called love and appreciation. In LH-C, this is the energy we immerse ourselves in.

4. Why do you describe LH-C as spiritually-based?

It is the intention of the LH-C practitioner to attune to the highest vibrational frequencies, or spiritual energies. This highest vibration is called the Christ frequency, with its origin being our Source, which we may call God, or Divine Source Energy. We are all always connected to Divine Source Energy at all times, but the awareness may be covered over for various reasons, but often because our attention is elsewhere. LH-C helps to release that sense of separation from our Source, and allows a higher level of consciousness to emerge. We set the intention to radiate this energy to us, through us, and from us, to the individual desiring a healing. The intention may be for a specific healing or perhaps to more generally balance the energies of body and mind as we connect to our highest spiritual selves. During a LH-C session we move from a focus on the physical body, to a place of Mind, the One Mind. The result to the body can be healing, and the ultimate result to the emotional state is one of joy. I often state, “Grant that we may be guided to that which is the next step for our highest good.”

5. Can you describe a typical LH-C session?

Fully and comfortably clothed, the participant reclines on a massage table. I guide with some relaxation breathing and meditation suggestions. With gently closed eyes, the participant simply breathes, relaxes, and stills the mind. I typically suggest the participant visualize breathing in Love, and breathing out Peace. I play soft music which also helps promote relaxation. I use 5-7 hand positions for approximately 10minutes per position. This is not a massage, as my hands are still. As I consciously raise my vibration, we feel the energy flow, usually indicated by a warmth, and a gentle pulsation. I visualize the individual in their perfect, Divinely connected state. The full session usually takes about an hour, with additional time set aside for discussion before and after. Once completed, I gently guide the individual back to full conscious awareness, making sure he/she is fully grounded before completely ending the session. Participants usually describe feeling the flow of the energy, and seeing colors or pleasant images with their closed-eye vision. Sometimes images produce memories from the past or they may be quite perplexing. Insights into their life experience may become clear. The experience is one of feeling safe, nurtured, and fully relaxed. LaHo-Chi uses the expression, “With gentleness, ease, and Grace.” The benefits to body, mind and spirit may be readily apparent, or may be incorporated over the next days or weeks. It can be difficult to fully describe or to comprehend the process of LaHo-Chi, but once experienced, the true beauty of this spiritually-based energy work is clear.

Energy Medicine Suggested Readings:
These are thus far, my favorite books over the past several years:

1. Bradden , Gregg: The Spontaneous Healing of Belief
2. Brennan, Barbara: Hands of Light Light Emerging
3. Dyer, Wayne: The Power of Intention
There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
Change Your Thought, Change Your Life
Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling
4. Foundation for Inner Peace: A Course in Miracles
5. Hicks, Esther and Jerry Hicks: Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, Money and the Laws of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
6. Janke, Roger:The Healer Within
7. Judith, Anodea: Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakras, Eastern Body, Western Mind
8. Myss, Caroline: Anatomy of the Spirit, Entering the Castle
9. Simpson, Liz: The Book of Chakra Healing
10. Tolle, Eckhardt: The Power of Now, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

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