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Holistic Psychotherapy

42 Summer Street, Suite 306A, Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 446-0140

Individual therapy 
My belief is that each person is unique, and thus deserves a custom-fit approach to assist them in progressing toward the goals that we set together.  As I get to know a patient,  I tailor make a program that suits their needs, using any number of complimentary approaches. 


My focus is to identify the underlying patterns 
that contribute to the difficulties in the relationship.
The problem is seen as an opportunity for growth 
and to deepen the connection with the self and the other. 

The Art of Being group
This 9 week group is designed to 
reduce the stress of modern life. 
It is useful for both the beginner 
as well as those experienced in meditation,
and involves systematic training of the mind 
to develop moment to moment awareness 
of one's body, mind and environment. 
This awareness can allow you to access 
your inner wisdom and resources,
opening up options and choices 
even in the midst of conflicts or a healing crisis. 
The group includes lectures, discussions and practical applications.
please see my web site for more info:

Lorraine Brill, MA, LMHC